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School Health Resources

///School Health Resources
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The Safe and Healthy School Bureau (SHSB) understands that by supporting student health, we aSHSB_Yucca.Health.Modelre increasing students’ potential to succeed academically. student health and well-being are essential to learning. We can all do our part to create a safe and healthy school environment.

ADHD Guidance
USDE/OCR ADHD Guidance Letter_ 2016

Asbestos Education
Johnny O. Perea Foundation (JOPF) NM Learning GuideJOPF Asbestos Task Sheet | SHSB JOPF Living-With-Asbestos-PowerPoint | JOPF Asbestos Pre-Post Test

Data Collection Reports

Food Allergies

Health Education Content Standards

Individualized Healthcare Plans and Individualized Educational Program Memo

Immunizations                                                                                                                                                       Immunize Our Kids poster

*AMENDMENT: Children under 18 months with 2 polio vaccines should be allowed to attend child care centers and pre-schools. The New Mexico Childcare/Pre-school/School Entry Immunization Requirements for 2018-19 have an inconsistency with the ACIP Childhood Immunization Schedule. Most infants receive the third dose of polio      vaccine at their 6-month visit; however, some providers administer the third dose as late as 18 months. The ACIP schedule allows for the third dose to be given between 6 and 18 months of age. Therefore, children 6 to 18 months must have 2 doses of polio vaccine, not 3 as stated on the New Mexico Immunization Requirements

Legislative Reports

House Memorial 127 Final Report

Study the Incidence, Nature and Effects of Bullying and Other Forms of Harassment Affecting New Mexico Children and Youth

Lifesaving Skills/CPR Resources

American Heart Association

American Red Cross
(Please note American Red Cross requires
a user agreement to access their materials)

Project Heart Start New Mexico

 NM CPR Manikin Map Database


2016 Legislation Lifesaving Skills

Medicaid School-Based Services (MSBS)

Meningococcal Diseases

New Mexico School Health Manual:  A section by section description of all the changes and additions to the manual for the past two years.

Pest Management in Schools:

NMAC Pest Management in Schools

Physical Education Content Standards

Up-Coming Professional Development/Trainings 2018

 Professional Development/Trainings

CDC E-Learning Series: Training Tools for Healthy Schools

2017 School Health Education Institute (SHEI)

SHEI 2017 Drug Abuse Prevention Presentation

SHEI 2017  Homeless Education Presentation

SHEI 2017 Implementing an Inclusive ESHE

SHEI 2017 Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Classroom

SHEI 2017 Safe Schools Planning

 SHEI 2017 Youth Health Literacy Tool Kit

SHEI 2017 Wellness Policy

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: E-Learning for School Personnel and Health Providers

School Health Rules Check List 2017



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