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Computer Science

Computer Science 2022-04-22T17:11:15-06:00

New Mexico Computer Science Strategic Plan

New Mexico Computer Science Strategic Plan

Below are a variety of resources to support educators and administrators in the implementation of the NM Computer Science Standards.


Learning Progressions

  • Progressions of NM Computer Science Standards

60 Minutes segment Cracking the Code – This 60 Minutes segment on the importance of closing the gender gap in the tech industry by promoting coding for girls.

What is Computer Science? This brief video will help you with understanding how computer science plays a part in everyday life.

Access a self-paced computer science introduction course [Coming Soon!]

Please check back for future computer science professional learning opportunities!

Computer Science Funding In New Mexico2017-18 Awards2018-19 Awards2019-20 Awards2020-21 Awards
Federal Funding (through CCRB)$186,025.00$149,423.00$142,458.00N/A
Computer Science funding (though MSB)$400,000.00$166,100.00
STEAM Initiative funding (through MSB)N/A$40,000.00$282,217.12$133,900.00

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