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Computer Science

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Computer Science (CS), the study of principles and use of computers, is quickly growing throughout the world as the field of computer science has been changing the way we live our lives. With all of this change, it has become a necessity to help the young people of New Mexico to develop CS skills, computational thinking skills, and all of the other tools that they need to succeed in this digital world. The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) has looked to facilitate this growth through the development of the New Mexico Computer Science Strategic Plan to focus on adopting New Mexico Computer Science Standards, developing highly qualified CS teachers, helping to implement CS into K-12 classrooms, and making CS Education equitable for all New Mexico Students. Join us as we look to move New Mexico students to the forefront of CS.

Below are a variety of resources to support educators and administrators in the implementation of the NM Computer Science Standards.


Standards are the cornerstone of any educational subject, and Computer Science is no different. That is why the PED has adopted the NM Computer Science Standards to guide instruction and teacher development.


These are the full standards for CS for students grades K-12

Learning Progressions

These Learning Progressions can help educators see how the different CS skills build upon each other, and are focused by grade band allowing a vertical view of how students should be progressing through the standards.

CS Memos

Keep up to date with memos relating to CS from PED.

Computer Science Videos

Interested in Computer Science and Computational Thinking? Here’s some videos packed with information.

Teaching Creative Computer Science   This is a Talk  from leading Computer Science engineer, talking about the importance of Computer Science and Computational Thinking

What is Computer Science? This brief video will help you with understanding how computer science plays a part in everyday life.

Crash Course Computer Science This is a playlist of background information for Computer Science to help build a strong framework in the subject.

Computer Science Digital Resources

Here’s a list of some digital resources that you can use to help incorporate CS into your classroom. has various teaching resources ready to be used in the classroom. They also offer various professional development opportunities for educators.

CS Unplugged is a wealth of various CS activities that can be taught without computers.

CS 4 All offers a list of curriculum for educators aligned to the state standards. 

CS Professional Learning Opportunities

Check out some Professional Learning Opportunities to help you grow as a CS educator.

Access a self-paced computer science introduction course [Coming Soon!]

MSB Professional Learning Page

CS Funding In New Mexico

Take a look at what CS funding looks like in the state of New Mexico.

Computer Science Funding In New Mexico2017-18 Awards2018-19 Awards2019-20 Awards2020-21 Awards
Federal Funding (through CCRB)$186,025.00$149,423.00$142,458.00N/A
Computer Science funding (though MSB)$400,000.00$166,100.00
STEAM Initiative funding (through MSB)N/A$40,000.00$282,217.12$133,900.00

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