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Middle School Expansion – Teachers [Cohort 2]

Middle School Expansion – Teachers [Cohort 2] 2023-08-16T23:19:21-06:00

This page contains information for middle school teachers participating in the New Mexico OpenSciEd Middle School Expansion initiative as part of Cohort 2.

OpenSciEd Unit Implementation Schedule:

Grade LevelYear 1 (SY22–23)Year 2 (SY23–24)Year 3 (SY24–25)
Semester 1Semester 2Semester 1Semester 2Semester 1Semester 2


Currently Implementing
Upcoming Unit

To access the OpenSciEd materials, utilize this link: All the OpenSciEd materials (student-facing and teacher-facing) are freely available for download from their site. You will need to create a free account on the site. This scope and sequence is also available which shows the standards addressed in each unit, aligned to the Recommended Integrated Middle School Course Map.


Page last updated August 16, 2023