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Location Marking Period Template

Location Marking Period Template 2019-06-12T14:43:28-06:00


Data Submission Schedule: OPEN YEAR ROUND (7/15) Once per year.

Grain:  One record per location/per district/per school year

Load Sequence/Dependencies: NONE

Template Description:  Use this template to report the start and end dates for all public and charter locations. Off-sites are optional. Do not report the following locations here:

  • 992 = Off-Site Early Childhood Program
  • 993 = Students who are hospitalized
  • 997 = Students who are enrolled in a private school
  • 998 = Students who are homebound
  • 999 = Students who are home schooled

School year 2019-2020 Changes:

  • No Changes

File Name Format Example:  001_LOCATION_MARKING_PERIOD_201807071201.csv

Field Number Field Name Data Type, Required, Code Valid Values
1 DISTRICT CODE Character, Required, Key
2 LOCATION CODE Character, Required, Key
3 PERIOD CODE Character, Required, Key
  • SYBED = School Year Beginning /End Dates
4 SCHOOL YEAR DATE Character, Required, Key
  • 2019-06-30 = SY18-19
  • 2020-06-30 = SY19-20
5 SCHOOL YEAR START DATE Character, Required, Updateable YYYY-MM-DD
6 SCHOOL YEAR END DATE Character, Required, Updateable YYYY-MM-DD
8 TERM CODE (YEAR) Character, Required, Updateable
  • SYBED = School Year Beginning /End Dates
13 DAYS IN SESSION Number, Required, Updateable



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