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Staff Assignment Template 2019-06-13T11:40:30-06:00


Data Submission Schedule: 40 Day, 80 Day, 120 Day, End of Year (EOY)

Grain: One record per staff / district / location / individual assignment

Load Sequences/Dependencies:

  1. Staff

Template Description:  This template will be used to track point-in-time information on staff assignments (positions and job duties).

  • Only active staff and their current assignments should be submitted at each reporting period.
  • Do not include short term substitute teachers in the Staff Assignment template.  All other staff statuses should be included.
  • Please include all assignments for each staff member.

File Name Format Example:  001_STAFF_ASSIGNMENT_201907071201.csv

FIELD NUMBERFIELD NAMEData Type, Required, CodeValid Values
1DISTRICT CODECharacter, Required, Key
2STAFF IDCharacter, Required, Key9 digit Staff ID
(SSN – no dashes)
3ASSIGNMENT CODECharacter, Required, Key
4LOCATION CODECharacter, Required, Key
5SCHOOL YEAR DATEDate, Required, Key
  • 2019-06-30 = SY18-19
  • 2020-06-30 = SY19-20
6ASSIGNMENT DATEDate, Required, Key
  • 2019-10-01 = 40D
  • 2019-12-15 = 80D
  • 2020-03-01 = 120D
  • 2020-06-01 = EOY
18PERCENT TIME ASSIGNEDNumber (0 decimals), Required, Updateablenumeric value from 1 to 100
  1. Staff Assignment Codes for determining whether an Educational Assistant is providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program: 
    31I        Instructional Educational Assistant – Providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program
    32I        Library/Media Educational Assistant – Providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program
    33I        Other Educational Assistant – Providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program
    34I        Special Education (Instructional Assistant) – Providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A   program to Special Education students ages 6-21
    34IS      Special Education (Instructional Assistant) – Providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program to Special Education students ages 3-5
    Note:  An “I” follows the assignment to indicate instructional duties.  If the educational assistant is NOT providing instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program, then report them under the OLD educational assistant codes (31, 32, 33, 34 or 34S).
    Purpose:  To identify educational assistants needing Level 3 licenses.  Districts will no longer need to report the educational assistant as a “Team Teacher” in the Other Instructor field of the Course Instructor template for determining their Paraprofessional Educational Assistant eligibility status.  However, Educational Assistants are required to be reported as “Team Teachers” for Kindergarten and First Grade Class Overload determination.
    Definition:  A Paraprofessional Educational Assistant is defined as an educational assistant who provides instructional duties in a Title 1, Part A program and holds a 502, Pre K-12 Educational Assistant, Level 3 license.
  2. Staff Assignment Code for reporting Native American Language & Culture Instructors:
    108       Native American Language & Culture Instructor
    Purpose:  To identify staff teaching their native language to Elementary “pullout” students who have a 520 Native Language & Culture Certificate but do not have a teaching license.  These instructors should be reporting Course ID 1274 (Language for Native Speakers), which is a non-core course meaning it will not appear on the Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) reports, as opposed to reporting courses 0001-0008 (1st thru 8th grade core course IDs which require a teaching license).
    Note:  In the Staff Assignment Code Table, this new staff assignment code 108 is listed under the category OTHER PERSONNEL (as opposed to TEACHERS) since the 520 Native Language & Culture is a “certificate” as opposed to a “teaching license.”
  3. Staff Assignment Code for Dean of Students:
    109       Dean of Students
    Purpose:  A “Dean of Students” staff assignment code was added under the OTHER PERSONNEL category for reporting staff functioning in this capacity.  There are no license requirements necessary for this position.
  4. Other Staff Assignment Code Changes
    Interns:  Intern (27) Staff Assignment Code deleted.  Interns are to be reported using TEACHER staff assignment codes.  The INTERN status is determined by PED by the issuing of an INTERN license.
    Librarians:  Moved to the TEACHER category due to 3-Tier Licensing.
    Academic Instructional Coach (105):  Moved from TEACHER to OTHER PERSONNEL category since they do not teach classes but rather coach teachers; however, they do have a TEACHING license.  The word “Academic” added for clarity.  Refers to someone who coaches math, reading, etc…and has no relationship to an Athletic Coach (81).
  5. Must non-certified personnel be reported?
    Yes. Please note: only certain staff assignment codes are valid for non-certified personnel.
  6. The Location Code is a mandatory field in the Staff, Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment templates. What Location Code should be used for staff members who are short-term substitute teachers and related contract service providers?
    A Location Code of “000” (district office) should be used for short-term substitute teachers and related contract service providers.
  7. Are itinerant elementary teachers, who are reported as teaching physical education, music,  computers, and art, required to be reported at all schools at which they teach?
    Yes. The Staff Assignment template allows districts to submit one record per staff member per location and assignment. This means that one staff member can have an unlimited number of location and assignment combinations. Report itinerant teachers at every relevant location.
  8. Can a staff member have records for a certified assignment code and a non-certified assignment code?
    Yes.  Certified staff can be associated with both certified and non-certified assignment codes.  For example, a custodian (non-certified assignment) could be a baseball coach (certified assignment) after school.
  9. Must all staff members be reported in the Staff Assignment template?
    No, Short Term Substitute Teachers should not be included in the Staff Assignment template as assignment codes do not exist for these staff members. All other staff members should be included in this template.
  10. My school changed from a K-5 to a K-8 school.  What staff assignment codes do I now use for my 6-8th grade teachers?  Should I now be reporting elementary Staff Assignment Codes?
    Not necessarily.  Due to the grade level overlap in teaching licenses (such as K-8 Elementary License, 5-9 Middle School License and 7-12 Secondary License), any of these licenses may be appropriate to teach 7-8th graders, regardless whether the school is labeled as Elementary, Middle or High School.  You need to match the license the teacher has with the appropriate licensure for the Staff Assignment code.  As an example, you’ll get a Licensure Discrepancy Error if a middle school licensed teacher (350 license) is reported as staff assignment code 20 (Kindergarten) or 21 (Elementary) teacher.  They would need to be reported as a 22 (Middle School) teacher.  Refer to STARS report Staff Assignment License Requirement (in folder STAFF>Licensure Reports) for a list of appropriate licensure.



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