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Student Daily Attendance Template

Student Daily Attendance Template 2019-06-13T14:08:33-06:00


Data Submission Schedule: K5P and End of Year (EOY)

Grain:  One record per district / location / student / attendance date

Load Sequence Dependencies:
1.  Student Required

Template Description – Report to this template each instance of absence at the student level. The data is used to calculate funded students for the K5 Plus program

In the K5P submission, report days attended and days absent for students that were in the K5 Plus program. This data is essential to K5P funding.

In the EOY submission, report absences due to Cultural or Religious Observance.

School Year 2019-2020 Changes: 

  • No Changes

Delete Options:

  • Delete Student Daily Attendance by District Code and School Year
  • Delete Student Daily Attendance by District Code, School Year, and Attendance Code Long
  • Delete Student Daily Attendance by District Code, School Year, Student ID, and Attendance Code Long.

File Name Format Example:  001_STUD_ATTEND_DAY_201907071201.csv

Field Number Field Name Data Type, Required, Code Valid Values
1 DISTRICT CODE Character, Required, Key
2 LOCATION CODE Character, Required, Key
3 STUDENT ID Character, Required, Key Enter 9 digit student ID
4 ATTENDANCE DATE Character, Required, Key YYYY-MM-DD
8 ATTENDANCE CODE LONG Character, Required, Key Valid Values for K5P Reporting:

  • ATTD = Attended
  • ABS = Absent

Valid Values for EOY Reporting:

  • UNHDCO = Unexcused Half Day Absence Religious or Cultural Observance
  • UNFDCO = Unexcused Full Day Absence Religious or Cultural Observance
  • EHDCO = Excused Half Day Absence Cultural Observance
  • EFDCO = Excused Full Day Absence Cultural Observance
9 SCHOOL YEAR DATE Character, Required, Key
  • 2019-06-30 = SY18-19
  • 2020-06-30 = SY19-20


Question: How is K5 Plus funding eligibility determined?

 Answer: Eligibility for K5P funding is based on Student Attendance on July 17th.

Student Assessment data will also be used to verify Student Attendance.

K5P Student Daily Attendance will be compared against 40D Student Course Enrollment

Page last updated June 13, 2019