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DOMAIN DESCRIPTION – The discipline domain consists of the following templates:

Grain: One record per district / student / infraction date / infraction code / event identifier


STARS is used to collect data for the annual federal student discipline report and the USDE “Safe Schools” report. Discipline / Safe Schools is an incident-based data collection. In many cases, districts may not know who the perpetrator(s) and/or victim(s) of incidents are. For cases where individuals cannot be identified or are unknown, in Field #4 (Student ID) please use:

825881329        Unknown Perpetrator(s) or Victim(s)

Report student disciplinary incidents in both the Infraction and Infraction Response templates.

EXCEPTION: A response record is not required when the infraction record utilizes the UNKNOWN perpetrator code.


The Student Infraction Template is used to track student disciplinary infractions.  The Student Infraction Response Template tracks the school’s response(s) to the infractions.

It is also used to collect data for the “Safe Schools Report” incidents across a school year. The response to each discipline or incident is tracked in the Student Infraction Response template. PED uses both templates to track the information related to student discipline and Safe Schools.

Each specific discipline infraction should be reported only once per student in this template. If a discipline infraction could potentially be categorized into multiple Infraction Codes, include only the most serious of the potential Infraction Codes. For example, one incident could involve alcohol and assault/battery with a knife. This incident should be reported only as Infraction Code 2 (Assault/battery with knife or cutting object).

The Student Infraction and Student Infraction Response templates must be submitted in a point in time fashion.  Please submit in the first reporting period following the incident.  Must be submitted at these reporting periods: 40D, 80D, 120D, EOY.  SUMMER is conditionally required, if new reportable infractions have occurred since EOY.

If multiple students are involved in a single disciplinary infraction, include one record per student in this template. The exception to this is any incident that involves FIREARMS.  Each student in possession of a firearm is to be reported as a separate incident. All fields should be identical for these multiple records with the exception of Student ID and the location code (e.g. one incident could include students from different schools). The Event Identifier field is generated by the district / charter school and is used to “link” the multiple student records to one incident. This field is also used in the Student Infraction Response template to link the response(s) to the incident.

At EOY, if district has no reportable infractions, submit certification via email to:

Page last updated August 24, 2018