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CTE Student Industry Credential Template

CTE Student Industry Credential Template 2023-08-31T08:45:29-06:00

Template Description:  The Career Technical Student Industry Credential Template captures industry certifications that students have achieved during the school year. Every student that reports the achievement of an Industry Credential should be reported in this template.

Both industry granted and college granted certificates are to be reported.

  • An industry granted certificate is based on a standardized, national, industry accepted exam.
  • A college granted certificate is based primarily on seat time.

School Year 2023-2024 Changes: Added new certifications

Grain: One record per district / school year / student / credential

Submission Schedule:

  • 40 Day (optional)
  • 80 Day Required
  • 120 Day (optional)
  • EOY Required

Load Sequence/Dependencies:

  1. Student Required

File Name Format Example:  001_CTE_INDUSTRY_CREDENTIAL_201807071201.csv

Field NumberField NameData Type, Required, CodeValid Values
1DISTRICT CODECharacter, Required, KeySchool Year 2022-2023 Districts
2SCHOOL YEAR DATEDate, Required, Key
  • 2023-06-30
3STUDENT ID​Character, Required, UpdateableEnter 9 digit student ID
4LOCATION CODECharacter, Required, KeySchool Year 2022-2023 Locations
5CIP CODENumber, Required, Key
  • 0
6DELIVERY METHOD CODECharacter, Required, Key
  • CG = College Granted Certificate
  • IS = Industry Standard Third Party Assessment
7INDUSTRY CREDENTIAL CODECharacter, Required, KeyDownload the CTE Student Industry Credential Codes SY23-24 (Excel)
8CREDENTIAL EARNED DATEDate, Required, UpdateableEnter the date the credential was earned
  • Day



Page last updated August 31, 2023