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Student Infraction Response Template

Student Infraction Response Template 2019-11-04T15:26:46-07:00

Target Table: STUD_INFR_RESP

Data Submission Schedule: 40 Day, 80 Day, 120 Day, End of Year (EOY), and Summer

Grain: One record per district / student / response date / response code / event identifier

Load Sequence/Dependencies:

  1. Student Template Required
  2. Student Infraction Template Required

Template Description: – This template is used to track student infraction responses. Infractions and incidents are tracked in the Student Infraction template. PED uses the Student Infraction and Infraction Response templates to track information related to Student Discipline and Violence and Vandalism.  One response should be submitted per incident per student in this template. If there are multiple responses to a disciplinary incident, include only the most serious response. For example, a district may initially suspend a student and then later expel him or her. In this scenario, include only one record with the Response Code of 4 (Expulsion (no educational services) – FOR REGULAR ED ONLY).

IN SCHOOL suspensions (response code 2) and OUT OF SCHOOL suspensions (response 3) do not include Lunch, Before/After School Detentions.

The Student Infraction and Student Infraction Response templates must be submitted in a point in time fashion.  Please submit in the first reporting period following the incident.  Must be submitted at reporting periods: 40D, 80D, 120D and EOY.  SUMMER is conditionally required, if a new reportable infraction has occurred.

The Event Identifier field is used to “link” the Student Infraction Response record to the Student Infraction record. Please use the same district-generated value in this field to link the records in these templates together for the same incident.

Note: A response record is not required when the infraction record utilizes the UNKNOWN perpetrator code.

School Year 2019-2020 Changes: 

  • Field 7 – Response Code – The following code has been returned:
    • 8 – Other/Unknown

File Name Format Example:  001_STUD_INFR_RESP_201907071201.csv

Field NumberField NameData Type, Required, CodeValid Values
1District CodeCharacter, Required, Key
2Location CodeCharacter, Required, Updateable
3School Year DateDate, Required, Key
  • 2019-06-30 = SY18-19
  • 2020-06-30 = SY19-20
4Student IDCharacter, Required, Key9 digit student ID
825881329 – unknown perpetrator(s) or victim
5Response DateDate, Required, KeyYYYY-MM-DD
7Response CodeCharacter, Required, Key

  • 1 = Arrest/referral to justice system
  • 2 = In school suspension   (DO NOT include Lunch, Before/After School Detentions)
  • 3 = Out of school suspension  (DO NOT include Lunch, Before/After School Detentions)
  • 4 = Expulsion – no educational services – REGULAR ED ONLY; NOT to be used for Special Ed students)
  • 5 = Modified Expulsion (still receiving some educational services)
  • 6 = Sent to alternate setting by school personnel
  • 7 = Sent to alternate setting based on hearing officer determination of likely injury
  • 8 = Other/Unknown
11Event IdentifierCharacter, Required, Key
12Response CommentCharacter, Optional, Updateable
13Response DurationCharacter, Required, UpdateableProvide the length, in school days, of the discipline response.  If the response is a fraction of the school day, then use a decimal representation of the school day (e.g. 0.25 for removal for 2 periods of an 8 period school day).  Required if Response Code, field #7 is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7; and the duration for these response codes must be greater than zero.


Page last updated November 4, 2019