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Transportation Domain 2021-09-20T09:34:45-06:00

Domain Description: The transportation domain templates collect data used to allocate dollars to districts based on the District Bus Certification Report.

Submission Schedule: Required at 80 Day and 120 Day

The Transportation Domain consists of the following templates:

  • Programs Fact  – Identifies which students are receiving transportation/bus services.  1 record per student
  • District Fact – Identifies the following facts:
    1. The projected number of students to be transported next year.  1 record per district
    2. The number of per capita feeder routes.  1 record per district
    3. Per capita feeder mileage.  1 record per district
    4. The number of eligible students transported that are not included in the “STARS Report”.  1 record per district
  • Vehicle Snapshot – Identifies the details of each vehicle.  1 record per vehicle
  • Vehicle Mileage – Identifies the type of route,  type of road and mileages for the vehicles listed in Vehicle Snapshot.  6 records per vehicle.


Transportation services must be performed only by use of a school bus or per capita feeder agreements.  Students who are eligible to be counted for transportation funding must meet the following criteria:

  1. Student(s) must reside within the established school district boundary or within an approved transportation boundary.
  2. Student(s) must reside outside of the statutory walking distance to their assigned school unless an individualized educational plan (IEP) for Special Education determines that the transportation is necessary and is described on the student’s IEP or an approval for hazardous walking conditions survey is on file with the School Transportation Unit.
  3. Student(s) must be considered as a qualified student as specified in 22-8-2; (M); NMSA, 1978
  4. Student(s) must meet the membership requirements of section 22-8-2, (B), NMSA, 1978.
    The school district shall have an approved course or program of courses defined in a written agreement between cooperating public school district(s) and postsecondary institution(s), subject to statewide policies of the Public Education Department and the Higher Education Department. The Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Agreement must meet the requirements for Approved Dual Credit / Concurrent Enrollment Programs. Approved courses offered by an area vocational school(s) (because they cannot responsibly be offered by area high schools) are also eligible for transportation funding under the New Mexico Policies Governing Concurrent Enrollment.
    The Concurrent Enrollment Agreement must address funding and scheduling of eligible student transportation between secondary and post-secondary institutions. The transportation services must be performed by use of a school bus or per capita feeder.
  6. Student(s) who are transported directly to a school where no bus service is available. Per capita reimbursement must comply with Public Education Department Regulation 6 NMAC 43.2 “REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOL BUS CONTRACTS AND PER CAPITA FEEDER AGREEMENTS”.
Page last updated September 20, 2021