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State Supported Educational Programs

State Supported Educational Programs 2018-08-28T08:39:44-06:00

State Supported Education Programs (SSEP’s) must submit data on students receiving Special Education services at public expense. Additionally, staff members serving publicly-funded Special Education students must be submitted. The specific template requirements are listed below.  The following templates must be submitted for students:

  • Assessment Fact (if applicable)
  • Student
  • Student Snapshot
  • Programs Qualification (if applicable)
  • Programs Fact (if applicable)
  • School Enrollment (if applicable)
  • Special Education Events (if applicable)
  • Special Education Services Fact (if applicable)
  • Special Education Snapshot (if applicable)
  • Student Daily Attendance (if applicable)
  • Student Summary Attendance
  • Title I Programs (if applicable)

The following templates must be submitted for staff serving publicly-funded Special Education students:

  • Staff
  • Staff Snapshot
  • Staff Assignment

The following templates do not need to be submitted by SSEP’s

  • Course
  • Course Instructor
  • Student Course Enrollment
  • Staff Compensation
  • School Enrollment
  • Student Infraction
  • Student Infraction Response
  • Student Grades
Page last updated August 28, 2018