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67- Licensure Code

Beginning Teacher Pathway

Beginning teachers adding the endorsement to an initial license must satisfy the requirements for the license which include:

  •  24-36 semester hours in bilingual education and pass Prueba

Teacher with Existing License Pathway

Teachers seeking to add the endorsement to an existing NM license at any level must:

  • Complete 12 semester hours in the teaching of bilingual education and pass Prueba

Note:  Persons who hold a licensure endorsement in teaching English as a second language (TESOL) on an existing New Mexico teaching license may add an endorsement in bilingual education by passing Prueba and completing at least 6 semester hours in the teaching of bilingual education.

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BMEP Endorsement Waiver

If you don’t have the eligible coursework or exam, your LEA (District/Charter) may submit BMEP Endorsement Waiver on your behalf. Please contact the Language & Culture Division if you have additional questions.

Accepted Bilingual Coursework

  • Culture (history of the Southwest, literature of the Southwest, education across cultures, etc.)
  • Instructional methodology of bilingual education
  • Instructional methodology of English language development (ELD)
  • Language other than English
  • Parent/community involvement

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