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Foreign Credentialing Agencies

///Foreign Credentialing Agencies
Foreign Credentialing Agencies 2021-04-13T12:28:40-06:00

Official Foreign Transcripts Evaluations: Foreign transcript evaluations must be sealed and addressed to 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM  87501 if the company does not offer download services.

  • All foreign transcripts need to have a course-by-course evaluation completed, including US equivalency.
  • Click Here for a list of evaluators who are members of the Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services (NCAES).
  • The Public Education Department does not require nor recommend NACES listed service members be used. There is no “official” organization or regulatory body for foreign credential interpretation or evaluation methodology in the US. It is based on commonly-developed and agreed standards of good practice.

The following companies we currently are able to retrieve official downloads with, but you must request this special/additional service when you apply to have your foreign transcript to be evaluated to US equivalency:

Page last updated April 13, 2021