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Modern, Classical and Native Languages

Modern, Classical and Native Languages 2022-01-12T17:41:07-07:00

Beginning Teacher Pathway

Beginning teachers adding the endorsement to an initial license must satisfy the requirements for the license which include:

  • 24-36 semester hours in modern, classical & native language and pass the Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in the target language (Spanish, German, French). Please see assessment and course listing below.

Teacher with Existing License Pathway

Teachers seeking to add the endorsement to an existing New Mexico teaching license of any level can either:

  • Pass the CKA in Modern, Classical, and Native languages from Praxis, or
  • Earn 24-36 semester hours of credit in modern, classical & native language (12 of the hours must be upper division credit if adding the endorsement to a Secondary or Pre K-12 specialty license); or
  • Be certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in modern, classical & native language.


BMEP Endorsement Waiver

If you don’t have the eligible coursework or exam, your LEA (District/Charter) may submit BMEP Endorsement Waiver on your behalf. Please contact the Language & Culture Division if you have additional questions.

Instructions for Submitting the Renewal BMEP Endorsement Waiver
Renewal BMEP Endorsement Waiver Teacher Consent Form
Renewal BMEP Endorsement Waiver

Accepted Coursework

  • Culture {e.g., history of the Southwest, literature of the Southwest, education across cultures, language other than English (e.g., Spanish, Chinese, Sign Language)}
  • Diverse language communities

  • Instructional methodology of language acquisition and development
  • Language assessments

  • Structure of language (e.g., linguistics, grammar)

New Mexico Administrative Code

Modern, Classical and Native Languages NMAC
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