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Secondary (6-12) 2024-05-13T15:30:25-06:00

A secondary-level teaching license authorizes an individual to teach in a departmentalized setting. The individual must be endorsed in the subject they are teaching.

Initial License

  • $150 (non-refundable) fee; and
  • Initial application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Official sealed transcripts reflecting completion of a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university; and
  • 24 semester hours of Secondary education course work, 12 semester hours of which must be in upper division courses, to include student teaching; and
  • 24 semester hours in teaching fields such as language arts, social studies, math, etc; and
  • 3 semester hours in teaching reading for those who first entered any college or university on or after August 1, 2001; and
  • Passage of the following PRAXIS exams:
  • OR…
  •  Possess a valid certificate issued by the national board for professional teaching standards for the appropriate grade level and type.
  • Register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Secondary NMAC Code

Renewal License

  • $120 (non-refundable) fee will be valid for a one-year grace period for levels 2 or 3 (from the time of expiration). If the expiration date exceeds the grace period a $150.00 would apply; and
  • Renewal Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Superintendent’s Recommendation for Continuing Licensure (Must be on School District Letterhead); or
  • A notarized letter attesting that you have not been employed and used your New Mexico license(s) during the life of the license(s).
    • Note: The earliest you can renew same level license is January of the expiring year.
    • If the educator does not have additional valid licenses on file, then must register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Note: If you are renewing a level 2 or 3 expired license (expired for more than a year), you will be required to complete the following:

  • $150 fee (non-refundable); and
  • Renewal Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Superintendent Recommendation Form for renewal from last employing school district from the HR (must be school district letterhead; and
  • Verification of 5 years teaching experience in New Mexico (must be on school district letterhead); and
  • Register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Superintendent Recommendation form

Secondary NMAC Code

Reciprocating a License

  • $150 (non-refundable) fee; and
  • Initial Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Provide Official transcripts reflecting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree earned from a regionally accredited college/university; and
    • If this was completed through an alternative teacher preparation program, please have that agency complete the NMPED Approved Program Completion Verification Form
    • If applicable – Official Foreign Transcripts and Official Course-by-Course Transcripts Evaluation; must be sealed and addressed to 300 Don Gaspar, Room 103, Santa Fe, NM 87501
  • Copy of current valid teaching license from out-of-state state education agency, Department of Defense School, or foreign country or a Notarized statement stating licensure was not required; and
  • Copy of Passage of Teacher Exams or a Notarized statement stating exams were not required; and
  • Verification of experience (Must be on Out-of-State School District Letterhead). Please break down experience by M/D/Y and please indicate the number of days taught for each year. 160 days commonly equals 1 full school year. Please use the form below; and
  • Register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Reciprocity Out-of-State Experience Form

No Exam Statement

No Out-of-State License Requirement Statement

Reciprocity NMAC Code

Delay of application:

  • Your application lacks the supporting documents listed in the above checklist.
  • If your license(s) has expired (and you do not have additional valid licenses on file), and your background was completed 24 months or more, you will need to complete a new background for Teacher Licensure. School Employment backgrounds will not be accepted.

NMPED Correspondence with Educators:

  • Consultants correspond by email; please check your spam/junk folder.


All fees submitted are non-refundable

Page last updated May 13, 2024