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Occupational Therapist (Pre K-12)

Occupational Therapist (Pre K-12) 2022-09-27T15:57:19-06:00

Instructional Support Provider is anyone who provides services for a public school or state institution as an educational assistant, school counselor, school social worker, school nurse, speech-language pathologist, psychologist, physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, occupational therapist, marriage and family therapist, occupational therapy assistant, recreational therapist, signed language interpreter, educational, alcohol and drug abuse counselor, substance abuse associate, and other service providers who are employed to support the instructional program of a school district or charter school.

Initial License

  • $150 (non-refundable) fee; and
  • Initial application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Official sealed transcripts from all Universities/Colleges attended with degree(s) posted; and
  • Copy of valid certification of Occupational Therapist license issued by the New Mexico Occupational Therapy Licensing Board OR Valid license from the American Occupational Therapy Certification Board; and
  • Register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Occupational Therapist NMAC Code

Renewal License

  • $120 (non-refundable) fee will be valid for a one year grace period for level 2 or 3 (from time of expiration). If the expiration date exceeds the grace period a $150.00 would apply; and
  • Renewal Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Superintendent’s Recommendation for Continuing Licensure (Must be on School District Letterhead); and
  • Copy of current, valid certification from the NM Occupational Therapy Licensing Board.
    • Note: The earliest you can renew same level license is January of expiring year.
    • If educator does not have additional valid licenses on file, then must register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Renewal of Licensure Level

Level 1 → 3 year license

Level 2 → 9 year license, advancement to a level 2 can be obtained after 3 full school years of licensure on a level 1 license

Level 3 → 9 year license, advancement to a level 3 can be obtained after 3 full school years of licensure on a level 2 license

Instructional Support Provider Superintendent Recommendation Form

Occupational Therapist NMAC Code

Delay of application:

  • Your application is lacking supporting documents listed in the above check list;
  • If your license(s) has expired (and you do not have additional valid licenses on file), and your background was completed 24 months or more, you will need to complete a new background for Teacher Licensure. School Employment backgrounds will not be accepted.

NMPED Correspondence with Educators:

  • Consultants correspond by email. Please check your spam/junk folder.

All fees submitted are non-refundable





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