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This page is a source of continuous communication between the School Districts and the Licensure Bureau. Our goal is to deliver and work closely with our school districts to help certify our educators so they can provide the best possible education to New Mexico’s Children.

Extended School Closure & Educator Licensure & Evaluation

District Access to Licensure Database

Licensure Database

School District Forms

1CS -1 year Substandard License Completion

1CS Superintendent Recommendation Form

Substandard license due to no exams/ student teaching/ teaching of reading coursework

Out-of-State 1CS Superintendent Recommendation Form

Substandard license due to reciprocity applicant with no out-of-state teaching experience

Endorsement Waivers

Initial Endorsement Waiver
Renew Endorsement Waiver

Substitute Exceeding 45-Day Limit Waiver Request

Substitute Waiver
Parent Notification of Substitute Status

Provisional 3B License Request

Provisional 3B Initial Application
Provisional 3B Renewal Application

Professional Licensure Quick Guide

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April 10, 2017: 1CS Out-of-State Memo

August 31, 2017: School Health Assistant Memo

February 16, 2018: School Backgrounds

July 12, 2018: Updated Application Notice

September 24, 2018: 2018-19 Licensure Advancement Timeline Memo

September 28, 2018: 2018-19 Foreign Applicant Certification Memo

September 28, 2018: Memo Process for Background checks

February 26, 2019: NES Passing Scores

March 19, 2019: 2018- 19 Licensure Changes and Updates

May 2, 2019: 2018-2019 Teacher Evaluation Reports

July 25, 2019: Presentation for NMCEL 2019

July 29, 2910:  Background Guidance – HB431

September 25, 2019:  Teacher Summative Feedback Reports for the 2018-2019

November 26, 2019:  Transition to Praxis for New Mexico Teacher Assessments

Page last updated October 12, 2021