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Substitute License (Pre K-12)

Substitute License (Pre K-12) 2022-11-19T12:06:28-07:00

A substitute license authorizes a trained individual to provide temporary instructional services when an assigned licensed teacher is absent from class.

Initial License

  • $50 (non-refundable) fee; and
  • Initial Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
    • Obtained a high school diploma or equivalency
    • You must be eighteen years of age; and
  • Submit a copy of the superintendent’s Verification Form (must be on School District/Charter letterhead; and
  • Register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure.”
  1. Educators may complete the Strategies and Practices for the Substitute Teacher Success online course, and upon successful completion, they will upload the certificate to their online application.   The district/charter must also confirm the course completion on the superintendent’s verification form (Group B).

Superintendent Verification form

Substitute NMAC Code

Renewal License

  • $50 (non-refundable) fee; and
  • Renewal Application via NMPED Online Licensure Portal; and
  • Superintendent‘s Recommendation for support provider form (must be on School District/charter Letterhead).
    • Note:  The earliest you can renew same level license is January of expiring year.
    • A Substitute can only advance up to Level 2 (Level 3 does not exist).
    • If your level 1 support provider license has expired, you will need to apply for an initial level 1 license.
    • If educator does not have additional valid licenses on file, then must register for background/fingerprints for “Teacher Licensure”.

Support Provider Superintendent Recommendation form

Substitute NMAC Code

NMPED Licensed Teachers Substituting:

  • A licensed teacher does not need to hold a substitute license when substituting a class. A teacher license will suffice.

Delay of application:

  • Your application is lacking supporting documents listed in the above check list;
  • If your license(s) has expired (and you do not have additional valid licenses on file), and your background was completed 24 months or more, you will need to complete a new background for Teacher Licensure. School Employment backgrounds will not be accepted.

NMPED Correspondence with Educators:

  • Consultants correspond by email. Please check your spam/junk folder.

All fees submitted are non-refundable



Page last updated November 19, 2022